After giving your car a lengthy and intricate clean, the finishing touch that really makes it all pop definitely has to be tire shine. This is probably my favorite part when I’m done washing my car because it really feels like all the hard work has paid off. I can spray on the tire shine, then stand back and admire my work with the sweat dripping off my face from the Florida heat.

Today, we’re going to talk about our two favorite tire shines and why the extra cost is justified. Like most car care products, tire shine is certainly not created equally and here we’ll share our two top picks for the best tire shine. Probably the most important thing to pay attention to whether the product you’re looking at is a tire shine spray, foam, or a gel. Here at Clean Car Guide, we feel the sprays are superior because they’re easier to use, easier to clean up, easy to re-apply, etc. They might make your hand cramp up from all that spraying, but you save a ton of time and effort as compared to a gel and still get a fantastic end result. Let’s get down to business!

One tip to start off with is that we like to clean the tire (the rubber) first and then do the wheels so that any tire shine spray run-off from the tire that falls on your wheel doesn’t dirty up and area you’ve already cleaned. Either way you do it, you’ll probably get dirt and grime from one surface onto the other, but it’s a bit easier to manage if you clean the tire and then the wheel.

Another big tip! Most every tire shine spray will advertise “no slinging” or “no cast off” from the tire shine spray onto your vehicle while driving. While this is mostly true that the products in this review don’t have that issue, there’s nothing stopping any tire shine spray from slinging if you over apply the spray. If you spray enough to make your wheel sit in a little puddle, you’re doing it wrong! Check the nozzle and set it to the wide spray setting and get a little closer to the tire. You’ll get a better spray pattern of tire shine onto the actual tire itself.

To kick things off, we’re going to start with a brand you might not have heard of if you’re new to the car car / detailing world. TriNova interestingly has almost double the number of reviews on Amazon as some of the more recognized brands we’ll cover later for tire shine products.

One of the best features of this particular tire shine is that it’s a “no-wipe” application, meaning you spray it on and leave it on the tire without the need to have a rag or sponge at the ready to rub it off the tire. You will definitely still need to pay attention to the run off or dripping liquid if you spray it on too heavily or it might bring grease and grime from the rubber of the tire onto your wheel.

This particular product is definitely on the more expensive side for tire shines (we know you can get a bottle for $3 at walmart), but if you want to keep your tires shiny for at least two weeks give or take some rain, this is the one for you. In addition to that, while all tire shines will give you an improved look over just a dry tire, this particular product stands out not only from our testing, but also from other users feedback that not many other products come close to the combination of shine duration and shine intensity that this product offers.

Onto to a brand you’ve probably heard of: Car Guys. If you didn’t already know, this company was founded by car detailing professionals who wanted a superior product to what they could find when trying to run their businesses and this product is no exception. While it doesn’t have as many reviews at the TriNova tire shine, it still has more than enough to give anyone confidence in the product.

The best feature about this particular spray is that it comes with a little applicator pad that allows you to control the intensity of the shine you want. Not only that, but Car Guys says this little pad and the tire shine spray can be used to restore some life back into most rubbers and vinyls you’ll find on your car. Try it on an inconspicuous trim piece and see if you like the results after you get your tires all shined up. While I wouldn’t expect revolutionary results out of this particular feature of this product, the tire shine spray is fantastic even if that’s all you ever use it for. Car Guys products for the most part are top-notch.

For those of you that are health conscious or are aware of how crazy toxic many of the cheaper car care products are for not only you, but the environment as well you’ll be happy to know this tire shine is non-toxic and can safely wash down storm drains without any second thought. Not many other car care product manufacturers can say the same. In addition to that, this product is easy to clean up off your driveway with just a water hose, which you probably already have out if you’re at the tire shine portion of your car wash.

Order this product with zero risk because Car Guys return policy is a no-questions asked satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re hesitant to spend the extra money, you can try it without any hesitation at all.

In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope it helped you and that you get the best tire shine you’ve ever gotten with these products. Be sure to check back regularly for more reviews, tips, and tricks on all things car care.