Car wax is imperative in protecting your car, as it’s the primary barrier between the outside and the clearcoat. You might be wondering what this specifically protects from, and these include the harsh UV rays, any type of water, and even nasty pollution or “grossness” running through the air. While it can make your vehicle look all shiny and new, it also has beneficial properties within. How can you tell if the wax is working? Simple: if the water glides right off instantly, the surface of your car has become hydrophobic – success!

Manufactured by HD Car Care, this all-in-one product is one for the taking. Inexpensive in price, and coming in a 16-ounce option, as well as a 32-ounce option, this polish is great for those wanting that brand new shine.

Some of the features of this product include being a polish and a sealant all in one. Protect your car against damaging natural inclement, such as water, harsh UV rays, and anything that’s floating around in the air. For those that need a bit of a paint touch up, it’s been said that this polish is capable of minor paint correction. Now, don’t go in with a rusty care and expect it to work magic, but it can make it appear a little better. Those that want a professional high-gloss finish to ride around in will find solace in this product. Furthermore, this product features a formula that provides easy on and off properties.

Those that need a bit of help in restoring their car, as well as detailing may want to invest in this, especially if you’re working with any gel coats – this is capable of being used with such without any issues. The working time of this product is actually quite long, and it’s open, and you’re able to work either outside or inside without ruining the quality of the finished results. There are number of surfaces that this product works with, including plastic, glass, paint, and metal, and has a grape scent with a purple color – don’t worry, it won’t stain your car this color!

When you’re using it for the easy on and off removal, you’ll want to take a microfiber towel that’s clean and begin buffing your vehicle by hand. In doing so, you’ll get the most out of this product. If you have light scuff marks that you want to get rid of, this is a great tool to use. Furthermore, we’ve read numerous reviews, and some have stated that it can work well against 1500 grit sanding!

Before applying, you’ll want to make sure your car has had a good cleaning before doing so. Nothing worse than trying to buff out regular, unnecessary dirt that isn’t actually a scuff mark! Minimize some of those scratches and make your car appear as if it just came off of the lot with the HD all-in-one polish/wax from HD Car Care.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Is both a sealant and a polish
  • Can use it on a plethora of materials
  • Features easy on and off removal
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Smells great – grape scent!

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Not able to use this well on wood
  • Doesn’t get deep cuts and marks out of vehicles
  • Some say it’s mediocre at everything, instead of being good at one (polishing/sealing)
  • Others have noticed it dries cheaply on cheap plastics

At the end of the day, the product will work as long as you aren’t expecting it to work on the rustiest of vehicles. How much shine you like or not like is dependent on you – and this incredible product is quite easy use.

Next on our list is a product that’s manufactured by CarGuys, and is a hybrid wax sealant. Great for those interested in a top coat polish/sealer, this product is priced pretty well and comes with a number of attractive specifications.

So far, we’ve learned that this was created with “advanced science” that calls this product “liquid magic”. Able to produce a long-lasting protection coat, as well as a slick surface and great, deep shine, you won’t have to worry about using inferior sealants ever again. Furthermore, if you want a streak-free experience, this is the way to go. CarGuys have also boasted about this being used on “every surface”, as it’s meant for more than your typical vehicle. Whether you want to use it on your RV or motorcycle, you can do so with ease. They also mention that even though it works on every surface, you won’t have to worry about residue like other products leave on specific materials.

They admit that other products will make your car look great – but this one will make people turn their heads. The detail spray is composed of synthetic ingredients, which uses ingredients at a molecular nano level to ensure that your reflection is going to look as if it’s a mirror – super shine at a not-so-high price! All you have to do is spray the product on and then wipe it off (according to the instructions), to get that stunning shine that you’ve always dreamed of.

Want to get in and out with your shining your car? You may love your vehicle, and love taking care of it, but don’t like a shine job to take forever to apply. Thankfully this product allows you to get in and out within 15-minutes and have those desirable and shiny results. All you need to do is apply and then take off without any professionals required!

Scared to take the plunge? While it’s not expensive, CarGuys have stated that if you aren’t satisfied, there’s a money-back guarantee that comes with the purchase of each wax sealant. How reassuring! That confidence virtually sells the product itself.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Apply and finished within 15 minutes
  • No leftover residue on any material
  • Deep shine with long-lasting protection
  • Produces a shine on all surfaces

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Some say it acts more like a cleaner than something as a detailer
  • Not that great when applying in heat or direct sunlight, works better in shade/cooler temps until finished

Next on our list is a product from Meguiar – the ultimate wax that delivers synthetic protection, depth, and reflectivity. There’s a lot that this product boasts about, including a one-step application process that promises the aforementioned.

Within this composition, you’ll find that there’s a ThinFilm technology provided to ensure a seamless and easy application. You can even wipe it off in the sunlight without any issues, unlike other products. You won’t have to worry about staining, or any residue. Furthermore, this product has hydrophobic polymer technology within to ensure there’s an increase in the surface tension. In having this, water rolls right off, and you don’t have to worry about water damaging the paint.

There is a long-lasting protective barrier that comes out of this product via the advanced synthetic polymer crosslink. It amplifies the reflection and creates more depth and shine that looks like a mirror. There’s even a microfiber towel and applicator pad included for optimal ease of use. In short, you’ll want to use this product because it promises great shine, an easy application, and protection against the harsh weather – including basic rain water versus your paint.

It’s worth noting that this product isn’t directly a wax, it’s actually a synthetic. Other products feature carnauba wax, which this one doesn’t. A synthetic sealant is different from your average carnauba wax because of the shine one gives over the other. While synthetic doesn’t give as great of a shine as the wax would, it does give great protection in return. If you live in a rural area, this may last you quite a long time before you need to touch up, but for those more polluted and large cities – this may not last you nearly as long as you’d like (5-6 months, from other users).

The Advantages of the Product

  • Great on all clear coats, glossy paint
  • Can be applied via dual action polisher, hand, or orbital with ease
  • Comes with a microfiber towel, and applicator pad
  • ThinFilm technology ensures quick and efficient application experience

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • May not be as sleek as other products used
  • Wears off a little too soon, though
  • Might need two coats depending on surface and personal preference

Next on our list is a wet wax from Chemical Guys. An extremely inexpensive price with such a great rating, it’s no wonder why so many love this. There are quite a few features, including it being a 100% carnauba-based wax, as well as a great formulation to improve the application process; making it much easier to apply than those that aren’t 100% wax based. Carnauba is a Brazilian wax from the palms of copernicia prunifera – a desirable wax in the world of car shine.

Using this product will give a deep wet look to any type of paintwork, and there’s even an improved level of protection over other products on the market. Furthermore, this 100% wax-based product features better protection on UVA and UVB rays, and you won’t have to worry about there not being enough protection and more shine – as it provides both for a great price.

Delivering “unmatched” surface shine, as well as a deep shine on almost any paintwork, you’ll be able to apply this with ease, and make your car look brighter and shinier than ever. If you also want something long-lasting, you’ll want to try out this product at least, especially if you’re a car-show kind of person. With the protective layer properties within this formula, it’s said that it uses 100% natural abilities to fight off water spots, road tar and even bird droppings.

Not only does this product bring out the natural “umph” and saturation within your car’s natural color, the protective layer will also fight against bad weather, and harsh sunlight. Other products don’t work so great on chrome because it may leave streaks or residue, but that’s not the case with this product, as it’s great on not only chrome, but un-textured surfaces like windshields, stainless-steel exhaust tips, glasswork, painted wheels, your car’s surface, and more.

The easy on and off application is all thanks to the formula that it comes equipped with, and it can be applied by either machine or by hand – your preference! You can even apply this product while the surface is still wet after washing, that’s how versatile it is.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Much more protective than other waxes
  • Offers easy and seamless application
  • No residue after dried on most materials
  • Fights off water spots, protects surface from bird poop, road tar, and more
  • Can be applied while surface is wet from washing
  • Not too overwhelming of a scent
  • A little goes a long way – actually quantity of product lasts quite a while

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Works only on non-textured surfaces like painted wheels, glasswork, windshields, stainless-steel
  • Might not last as long as you’d like – personal preference
  • Can last throw a rough rainstorm before you may have to hose off or wax – also depends on your car surface, and it may last longer
  • Pretty average for a carnauba-based product upon research
  • Might have to use a high-quality applicator to get the most out of this product
  • Not the best product for layering

The Final Verdict

Out of all on this list, there is one that has stolen our hearts – and the not-so-good outer condition of our cars before using. The CarGuys have created a great Hybrid Wax Sealant, that’s one of the most advanced on the market. Infused with a type of liquid carnauba for a hydrophobic shine that’s deep, taking out some of the deeper cuts on your surface, you’ll be able to use with ease and receive optimal results. Did we mention it’s priced well, too?