Are you someone who is looking for a solution to help your car ride smooth? If so, you’ve probably been told about fuel injector cleaner and there are quite a few myths and opinions floating around on them. In short, it basically cleans your vehicle’s fuel system by adding a specialized formula of cleansers and additives. You can also use it to purge water from the fuel system. Furthermore, they may also be used for cleaning intake valves, combustion chambers, and more. Maybe you’re not someone who needs to know the nitty-gritty details on how it works, so we put together a nicely curated list of the best fuel injector cleaners! Read more to see which is the best option for you.

First on our list is a product from Red Line Oil. A fantastic price and boasts quite a few features, you’ll be able to buy this in single or in bulk. One of our favorite features is that it claims to clean almost 100% in one single treatment. You don’t have to worry about going in over and over and still not getting the results that you want. You may also reduce the amount of octane that your vehicle needs, by up to two points! Furthermore, this formula also contains an upper cylinder lubricant that’s synthetic. If you’re curious about how much you can use, this product is fine for continual use, as stated by the manufacturer, and you can use one bottle per tank, for one of the most effective treatments on your vehicle – whether it’s a 20-year-old car, or something new, this should do it for you!

This fuel injector cleaner is a detergent-based one, that ensures the cleaning of valves, carburetors, injectors, and even combustion chamber deposits with ease. This formula uses a special concentrated blend of detergents that are both low-temp and high-temp. If you don’t use a type of fuel injector, you may see that your engine is worn easily, as you’re not receiving the amount of care your engine needs. A great fuel injector cleaner will ensure those deposits and fuel additives are taken care of with ease. Beyond this, a great fuel injector cleaner will provide direct upper cylinder lubrication, as well as detergent. In doing so, you can clean your engine and remove those pesky deposits.

Thanks to the Red Line product, this is able to be done gradually, which is why it’s better quality than others. Because of this, the cleaning process of the Red Line Si-1 fuel system cleaner is based on more than the chemical solvent.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Is able to work for all types of vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, street-sport cycles, off-roading cycles, marine crafts, snowmobiles, and more!
  • There’s a warranty on “parts” it states, while warranty is good, we’re not quite exactly sure of the parts part.
  • States that continued use will not harm your oxygen sensors

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Some state that you shouldn’t use it on your diesel engine, and definitely not on your liquefied petroleum gas engine – there are better products for you to use, so it’s not the end of the world!
  • Depending on your vehicle, putting the whole bottle in your vehicle may do more harm than good – we think this has more to do with how new the vehicle is and your better judgment

Next on our list is a fuel system cleaner from BG. This formula works extremely well through quick cleaning of the valves, combustion chambers, and fuel injectors. You can use an entire can to treat around 20 gallons of gas, and you can restore the performance of your vehicle to help with your gas mileage overall. IT’s been stated by the manufacturer that this is proven to increase the power output and combustion quality of your vehicle. For those curious, this formula is compatible with alcohol-blended fuels, fuel additives that are common, as well as all fuel system materials – now that’s something you can’t beat! You can even clean ports!

If your car needs that extra “umph”, you can help restore the performance and drivability by incorporating this into your routine. If you’ve been going a long time without cleaning the gunk off your engine or anything of the store, you’ll want to use this, as it can provide an exceptionally well clean-up of those coked up areas, as well as helping remove corrosive deposits on the sending unit.

It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t dump in the entire formula into your tank – especially if your gallons are much smaller than the number produced by the company (20 gallons). People with 10 gallons have divided the amount in half and used that with ease. Furthermore, if you use too much per your tank (with any fuel system cleaning product), you can harm the performance.

Never used fuel system cleaner before? You should research exactly how to put it in your car and when before using, but the Amazon page says that you should fill it before you put gas in your tank. In doing so, you’ll ensure proper mixing.

The Advantages of the Product

  • This formula contains no alcohol
  • Safe for the oxygen sensors, and the catalytic converter – many products, when used all at once, have been bad for the O2 sensors, but you don’t have to worry about that with this one!
  • Compatible with ALL fuel system materials – including: common fuel additives, alcohol-blended fuels, etc.

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • While most have had great success with this product, sometimes it doesn’t do anything for specific vehicles, or someone puts too much, and it harms some of their parts. Make sure this product is catered specifically to your vehicle.
  • May not be a smooth ride after, depending on the age or type of vehicle you own.

Coming in size big enough to treat 20 gallons, this Royal Purple max boost is popular because of what it can do. Not only can it replace the lead additives to ensure a higher level of protection on non-hardened valve seats, but it also allows your vehicle to raise the octane rating up by 3 numbers – or even 30 points! You’ll be able to restore your fuel economy and power performance with ease, as it cleans deposits off of fuel injectors. Furthermore, using this formula helps you reduce the engine pinging and knocking through the stabilization of fuel.

This particular products also helps reduce emissions, so you’re in a state where you have to get that checked this can definitely help. It can also help stabilize your fuel if you happen to get a lower quality fuel from the pump with this formulation that uses MMT. One of the best octane enhancement products on the market for racing vehicles, this is also geared towards those that require anti-wear additives on catalytic converts. In having this on your catalytic converters, you reduce the effectiveness of the parts. You’ll also be able to protect your catalytic converters against phosphorus poisoning, which happens with racing vehicles.

The Advantages of the Product

  • This formula is specifically catered to those who have racing vehicles, which may need specific attention to their fuel injectors, carburetors, etc., If you own a racing vehicle, this will be perfect for you, and you don’t have to worry about it being a general product.
  • Restores your power and performance, as well as your gas mileage – your fuel economy will no longer have to suffer because of the excess gunk on your engine or in your vehicle.
  • Can raise your octane rating up an incredible 3 numbers or 30 points!
  • Formulated specifically for engines that are supercharged, turbocharged, as well as nitrous-injected engines.
  • Further enhances pre-ignition, the elimination of detonation that can damage your engine, and more.

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • This is advertised as a non street-legal product, and is meant specifically for racing vehicles. More than likely it’ll work just fine in your regular car, but just keep that in mind. 
  • You need to keep an eye on the fuel filter after a few uses of this product due to reports of it gunking up your fuel filter. (that means it’s doing it’s job though!)

Last on our list is a product from Lucas Oil that helps reduce emissions, improves your fuel economy, and can treat up to 30 gallons! Improving fuel economy also helps increase power, responsiveness, and overall driveability. Furthermore, you can reduce and entirely remove the carbon deposits, while eliminating any pinging or knocking coming from your engine.

Blended with an exclusive formula from Lucas Oil, infused is an additive package and carrier fluid that ensures there’s no kerosene or diesel fuel, as these ingredients can be quite harmful or useless to the average engine – make sure you look out for these ingredients when looking at other formulas. This formula by Lucas Oil also removes the need for any high octane fuel. The best part? You’ll be able to deep-clean the combustion chamber, as well as the entire fuel system within your vehicle.

When using this product, you’ll want to add it in your tank before filling up to get the most out of the product, but it’s not an issue if you fill it after. If you have other products from different manufacturers and you want to know the true difference between those and this product, make sure you look at the ingredient list and see which in the formulas are better for your specific vehicle type.

The Advantages of the Product

  • You can use this product on all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, off-roading motorcycles, street-motor scooters, marine crafts, snowmobiles, street-cruiser motorcycles, and more.
  • Reduces the amount of nitrous oxide emissions that come from your vehicle
  • Improves the fuel economy, allowing your gas mileage to be much better than pre-fuel system cleaner.
  • Should work fine for motorcycles that have carburetors.

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • While it’s great for cleaning most vehicles, those that need something for a racing vehicle may want to purchase a product specifically catered to the intensity that goes on with that type of vehicle, instead of a generalized product.
  • May not work the best for every single vehicle, but gets the job done for most. Depending on how rough your vehicle condition is, as well as the year and make, you’ll want to do some more research to see if this will help you.

While not every product we review can we give an honorable mention to, but Seafoam is an exception. You’ll see this is probably one of the most popular fuel system cleaners and it’s because it’s cheap, does what it advertises, and works on almost any engine type. Manufactured by Sea Foam, this sf-16 Motor Treatment is a great addition for your garage’s toolkit. Even cheaper in price than our final verdict, this inexpensive fuel injector cleaner is great for regular motor tune-ups, is simple to use, and is pure petroleum based. It allows the varnish and gum deposits to be eliminated, and removes contaminants from many places inside your engine. An EPA registered product; you can’t go wrong with this product!

There were a few top contenders on this list today, but not all can win. One of the better fuel injector cleaners is the Red Line 60103 Complete Fuel System Cleaner by Red Line Oil. Inexpensive in price and ready to clean nearly 100%, you’ll be able to reduce the octane amount by almost two whole points! A fantastic product for continual use, you can feel safe using this for your vehicle, even if it’s extremely neglected in this department.

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